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Training Within Industry

Program Details

Program Length

JI Module: Five Days
JR Module: 10 Hours

Best results obtained when modules taken concurrently.

Program Cost

$799 per person (plus $25 for course materials), per module for CME and SASM members; $999 (plus $25 for course materials) for non-members.

All prices subject to instructor travel expenses (billed at cost), depending on availability.


CME works directly one-on-one with manufacturers. Minimum intake of eight people and maximum intake of 10 people per company (per module).

Contact Us

Darryl Minty
Executive Director
Phone: (306) 301-0172


Facilitated by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) in partnership with the Safety Association of Saskatchewan Manufacturers (SASM), Training Within Industry (TWI) is a dynamic program of hands-on learning and practice, teaching essential skills for supervisors, team leaders, and anyone who directs or leads the work of others. TWI is an essential element of lean and continuous improvement programs around the world, including the Toyota Production System. Its proven methods:     

  • Generate cooperation and positive employee relations;
  • Teaches how to quickly, correctly and conscientiously train employees to establish and maintain standardized work;
  • Improve processes;
  • Solve problems efficiently and effectively; and
  • Create a safer work environment.

Watch CME's informational video on TWI training »

“The foundation to a solid safety management system and a continuous improvement culture is effective training. Since implementing the modules of Training Within Industry five years ago, we have be able to reduce our injuries, improve morale, reduce supervisor stress and accelerate our manufacturing effectiveness. TWI has been the key tool for establishing standard work in our lean culture.”  

Bill Glanville
Human Resources Lead, Bourgault Industries Ltd.
President, Safety Association of Saskatchewan Manufacturers

Job Instruction Module

Give two employees the same task and chances are they'll each perform it slightly different. For companies who focus on repeatable performance, these differences can be costly. The need to standardize work in the most efficient way is the motivation behind TWI training.

CME works directly one-on-one with companies to facilitate the Job Instruction (JI) Module. This module leverages the role of individuals in the organization who direct or influence work to increase productivity, reduce quality errors, reduce training time, improve morale and sustain standard work.

Job Relations Module

Job Relations (JR) is the TWI program that enables the leadership of an organization to build a solid, positive and enduring relationship between him/her and each employee.

This relationship is based on trust, communication, mutual respect, care and concern. As such, this builds and maintains a positive culture in the organization. 

The leadership personnel in this role becomes the 'point person' in the human resources function. The relationship he/she builds and maintains over time becomes the foundation for lean. With this positive foundation, the leadership is able to engage employees in a culture that embraces continuous improvement and teamwork. 

See tangible business results, as well as the effect on the quality of work life in a true no-blame culture.


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